Mariana Solanet

Also a writer and a pro journalist

Volume: 12000 words
2009 to 2010
Ongoing translation for Web Beauty, Health and Fitness Centre

Ongoing project for Spa & Gym Website in Dominican Republic, corporate mission of Beauty, Health & Wellness Centre, description of services/treatments, contracts: Designation of flat & Provision of Duties; Employment Contract, Rules of Procedure, Lease Contract.

Law: Contract(s), Internet, e-Commerce, Sports / Fitness / Recreation

Volume: 1320 days
Completed: 2010
Verified Terms and conditions of Cusco Tour Service

Translation of Terms and Conditions of Tour Service for Travel portal

Tourism & Travel, Internet, e-Commerce, Business/Commerce (general)

Volume: 3200 words
Completed: 2010
Verified Ten-page Institutional Catalog

Sielcon Institutional Catalog: Company mission, history, products, games, technical specs, management software.

Computers: Software, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, Internet, e-Commerce

Volume: 50000 words
Completed: 2010
Verified Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 - Argentina Culture in Motion - 50.000 words

Translation into English for Organizing Committee of Argentina as Guest of Honour 2010 (COFRA) at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 (October 6-10): Book of articles on the German influence in the Rio de la Plata by Documentation Centre of Latin-American Architecture (CEDODAL); Biographic Dictionary of Architects, Engineers and Construction Companies; Speech at Press Conference; Construction Contract (Argentine Pavilion).

Architecture, Government / Politics, Law: Contract(s)

Volume: 9000 words
Completed: 2010
Verified 25 Heartbeats of Argentine Advertising 2009

Translation of 25 Latidos de la Publicidad Argentina 2009/25 Heartbeats of Argentine Advertising 2009, by Pancho Dondo, 2010, América Late. Genesis, development and execution of the best twenty-five ideas in the Argentine advertising market.

Journalism, Internet, e-Commerce, Advertising / Public Relations

Volume: 50000 words
Completed: 2009
50000-word pharmaceutical project

28 reports on One-Step tests for the rapid detection of HCG, Morphine, BZO, MONO, STREP A, MDMA, AMP, MAMP, THC, Cocaine, Phencyclidine, BAR, Methadone and FOB in human urine and/or blood samples.

Medical: Pharmaceuticals

Volume: 50000 words
Completed: 2009
50000-word medical/pharmaceutical project (cancer therapy)

A trial study of three experimental drugs as treatment for locally metastic or recurrent breast cancer patients.

Medical: Health Care, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Medical: Pharmaceuticals

Volume: 1800 words
Completed: 2008
Translation of graphics/images for technical report

Translation of images and graphics included in a technical report on a community forest in Argentina by University experts.

Forestry / Wood / Timber, Environment & Ecology

Volume: 7344 words
Completed: 2008
Travel website

Translation of travel website, FAQs, membership terms and conditions, hotel booking, tours and privacy policy.

Tourism & Travel, Internet, e-Commerce

Volume: 5103 days
Completed: 2008
20-page plant description

Plant description of Pentane tank farm (notes of safety, symbols and information, risks, facility description, description of the operating elements at the control panel, error messages and acoustic and optical signals) and list of materials.

Electronics / Elect Eng, Petroleum Eng/Sci

Volume: 100000 words
Completed: 2008
Marketing & Sales Excellence E-learning Program

Translation into Latin American Spanish of Marketing & Sales Excellence E-Learning Program, including glossary, introduction and six modules. A huge proyect which was translated into eleven languages.

Agriculture, Internet, e-Commerce, Marketing / Market Research

Volume: 17.124 words
Completed: 2007
Verified articles for advertising journal G7 magazine

Translation of articles and interviews for the advertising trade journal G7 for the June/July issue.

Journalism, Advertising / Public Relations

Volume: 294 pages
Completed: 2007
Translation nonfiction book

Translation of the book "Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living", a study program for learning, practicing and experimenting with the power of creative nonviolence. The book is used to facilitate Engage workshops. The Spanish version will be used in Latin America and the Hispanic community in the US.

Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.

Volume: 50000 words
Completed: 2006
Ongoing editing job

Large editing of ITD files for SDLXLite, with discounts for 100% matches and fuzzies.

Medical: Health Care, Insurance, Human Resources

English to Spanish

Volume: 398 pages
Completed: 2006
proofreading/checking of book

I had to check the translation of a book, do the proofreading. I have worked with this publisher before checking/editing books in English.

Poetry & Literature

Spanish to English

Volume: 25 pages
Completed: 2005
Verified ongoing translation of advertising magazine

I have been working on the English edition of 1492 CC magazine, a bimonthly advertising publication by the FIAP (Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad), as an English translator and writer.

Advertising / Public Relations

English to Spanish

Volume: 366 words
Completed: 2005
Verified description of video games for mobile phone

I did a previous 8000-word Spanish-UK English translation for them in 2002 (videogame user guide).

Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino

English to Spanish

Volume: 1400 words
Completed: 2005
Verified Proofreading of Power Point presentation

Short, urgent proofreading of Power Point presentation for an American manufacturer of clothing and apparel.

Advertising / Public Relations, Business/Commerce (general), Textiles / Clothing / Fashion

English to Spanish

Volume: 4 pages
Completed: 2004
Verified short turnaround LPE business IT translation

Since the client needed a short turnaround the translation was divided among three Spanish translators.

IT (Information Technology)