Mariana Solanet

About me

Born in Buenos Aires in 1954, when I was nine I emigrated with my family to the US, where I lived for eight years. Back in Argentina, I studied Journalism and Literature at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), while working as a tourist guide/tour conductor, translator and English teacher for journalists. After five years, I dropped out of university to go on to pursue a full-time career as a professional journalist, translator and editor for newspapers, magazines and TV networks.

Having grown up in the US, I'm a native speaker and writer of English as well as Spanish, with excellent communication skills in both languages. I can say I'm truly bilingual.

Until 2004, I worked for La Nación newspaper doing investigative reports, scientific/health/lifestyles articles and interviews, as well as editing and translating features for the lifestyles/arts, travel and fashion sections.

In 1995, I began an ongoing collaboration with several publishing houses, translating books into English and Spanish, as well as editing and proofreading texts in English and Spanish.

Since 1999, I have written and published eleven books as an author and 14 as a translator.

I have also worked as an EFL and Spanish teacher.

In 2002, I developed an interest in screenwriting, since then completing several workshops and courses for TV and radio.

These are some of the training workshops and seminars I have attended:

2008-09: Seminario de Dramaturgia, Ricardo Halac, Argentores.

2007-Now: Portuguese courses 1-6, Casa do Brasil.

June 2007: International seminar "Making a good script great", by Linda Seger.

2005/06:  Fiction in Radio scriptwriting workshop, at Argentores, Argentine Society of Authors (TV, Radio and Theatre).

2001/02: Writing for TV workshop, by Jorge Maestro.